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AIGA Triad NC is proud to host Todd Coats and Elliot Strunk of the podcast Two Designers Walk Into a Bar.

Join us and our guest speakers for a lively discussion about how we find inspiration and work together as creative people.

This is a hybrid event that will be hosted in-person at Footnote as well as online for those of you who prefer to drink alone.

Learn more and preview what they will be jawing about by visiting or search for them on your listening platform of choice.

About Todd and Elliot:

Elliot and Todd are two designers who worked together in the halcyon age of the 1990s, are frequent speakers to businesses and universities and have also served as presidents of their local AIGA chapters.

Todd also once drove Elliot home after having his wisdom teeth removed and they have been kicked out of a go-kart track and an Outback Steakhouse together. (On two separate occasions; they’re not savages.)


By aigatriadnc
Published June 7, 2022