Virtual Portfolio Review

AIGA TRIAD (from HOME) Presents:
A Virtual Portfolio Review via ZOOM®

WHEN: June 9 & 11 + 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

PRICING: This event is FREE!

LOCATION: ZOOM Video Conference

Professionals and educators will volunteer a small amount of time to review portfolios with students in a virtual, one-on-one Zoom meeting. Students will have the opportunity to practice their interview skills, get constructive feedback from pros and gain insight into the industry. All will walk away with great conversation, a fresh perspective and positive vibes.

Calling Professionals
Reviewers Registration: May 16 – 27

Are you a design professional looking for a way to give back? We are looking for volunteers to give feedback and help students polish up their portfolios as they step out into the design world. After registration, you will be matched up with a student (or up to 6) eager to hear what you think via 30 minute one-on-one Zoom meetings during our June 9 & 11 virtual event.

Please keep in mind, these reviews are to help students improve their work. The goal is to offer constructive critiques as we mold the bright, young future stars of our design community.

Become a Reviewer

Calling Students (& rising Pros)
Open Registration: May 27 – June 3

More details to follow

By aigatriadnc
Published May 6, 2020